CAPS is a selfhost messenger that was developed for schools. This was developed on the basis of the information in the EU General Data Protection Regulation.


FitCore is a web-based application and helps to record all training units. It can be used universally.


Codion is a web project. Videos were created which were uploaded to YouTube so that other developers can gather new ideas.


Bina is an e-commerce application developed for city centers. It enables entire streets to be integrated into digital retail.


Punto is a task recording system. It was developed according to the checklist principle and enables tasks to be shared in groups or individuals. It is perfect for operational use.


Intra is a web-based operating system for use in your own network. To make it easier to use, the design is based on a desktop.


Space is an autonomous substitution plan for schools. It updates itself fully automatically every five minutes and shows all students changes in good time.


XAMMPview is an extension for XAMPP to call up a website here. This is displayed in the desktop and in the mobile view.

TC Cloud

TC Cloud or The Custom Cloud is a data management clound for schools. It was developed as a safe storage space for schools.


Enima is our developed end-to-end encryption. It is also used in the CAPS project. Enima can also encrypt images or other files.


CallYa is a program for recording working hours in the home office.


Walli is a digital accounting manager. Individual accounts can be entered here and all cash flows can be tracked.


Wizuu is a content management system for digital products. It is also a self-hosted product.


Our API is intended for the output of individual plugins, license queries or for the generation of files and thus enables automated operation.


Safics is a customer relationship management tool which was developed for the company's own business. It is a simple system that allows quick communication.


ViTa is a video platform. It is used to search for and archive our projects.


front. is a multitool it contains several tools for schools which can be installed with one click.


Citra is an automatic message control and blocking system for our messenger software CAPS. It automatically detects insults and blocks this message. The user is warned.


MyCard is a booking system for tickets. A ticket can be requested online which will be sent by email.


ZeDo is a forum for developers.

Medien Archiv

The media archive is an online database and enables schools to exchange material internationally.